Sunday, August 29, 2010

Decorating The School Dispaly Boards

The Service in  PYP involves appropriate action to be taken by the student which is a component of service in the widest sense of the word: service to fellow students, and to the larger community, both in and outside the school. Through such service, students are able to grow both personally and socially, developing skills such as cooperation, problem solving, conflict resolution, and creative and critical thinking. Moreover, these actions are ways in which the students exhibit their commitment to the attributes of the learner profile and to the attitudes that we seek to engender within the PYP classroom. (Making PYP Happen 2007)
On 27 August, our PYP 5 kids decided to make school's floor plans (initiated by teachers). They brainstorm the layout. They printed the labels using ICT and cut them. Following the rough plan, they stuck the labels on the floor plans. Here are few pictures in which the PYP 5 is seen preparing charts of plans for PYP Floor 1 & 2.

We are preparing the plan for PYP floor #1
Learning new things is an experience in itself
I know how to do it well!
What a joy to make a chart for the display board!
Oh! I am doing a great work!
Not only interesting but also enriching experience! Isn't it?
Every situation is a learning!
I am loving it!
And this is the plan for PYP floor #2
Its fun doing different things!
Devoted to work totally!
Let us give it some finishing touches!
It's teamwork!
And the floor plan is ready!

Well done, PYP 5 students!