Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project 'Stay Left'

One of the most specific requirements of school education is the safety of the children, especially the young kids of pre-primary and primary classes. This is also to instill the awareness of civic sense in their young minds. 'Project Left' was initiated by the PYP Coordinator of RBKIA which was followed by the Home Room advisor of PYP 3. On 27 August at RBKIA, the students of PYP 3 prepared several arrows from red colored tinted papers, cut the into shape, got them laminated and gave them a proper look. The students chopped the extra plastic sheet of the laminated arrows. They printed 'Stay Left' signs using ICT and got them laminated after properly arranging them on one single lamination sheet. It is heartening to say that the students have the awareness of using the resources carefully while maintaining a good standard of the exhibits. One of the students of PYP 3 Ayushi, offered her services to collect all the plastic clippings and save them for 'Acorn Project' (another on-going service project of RBKIA students). These arrows along with the 'Stay Left' signs were, then, stuck by the side of the staircase indicating everyone to keep left while climbing up the staircase. They care for everybody's safety. Great work!
Enjoy the pictures of their effort in this activity!

Working on computer

Is the font size good enough?

Let us cut the arrows

We work as a team!

Its fun!

We are thoroughly enjoying this activity!

The arrows are looking amazing!

Do we have some more arrows?

Learning beyond!

Ayushi (left) collecting the lamination trimmings for Acorn Project

Hello there! we are all set!

Why it is important to stay on left?

Our arrows will guide everyone on the left

To move on safely!

It is because we care.

We may not bump into others

It is for everybody's safety

We learn to be disciplined

and of course the civic sense!

Great work!

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