Friday, May 27, 2011

Nature is my springboard

Walk into the fourth floor library (Secondary School Library) in RBKIA, your eyes will capture the sight of a beautiful wall mural. The mural has been done by Ms Niyati Kanakia, IBDP year 1 student as part of her CAS – Creativity Program. The concept of the mural has been derived from nature. It is a synthesis of a beautiful thought and a keen imagination. In fact, there is no art without nature; it is a manifestation of the sublime – the highest form of beauty. Niyati chose library wall as the library belongs to the secondary school community. Throughout the day, the students come, refer to the books and research on computers. The murals provide an intellectually stimulating experience for young student. They enhance the aesthetic quality of space by adding colors and characters to the room. It is definitely a feast for the eyes. Below are some images of various stages of mural painting. Have a look!