Monday, August 15, 2011

Rakhi celebrations with Manav Seva Sangh’s children

It feels so gratifying that RBKIA PYP 3 children celebrated Rakhi – a festival of love and care, with Manav Seva Sangh’s special children. Our students were keenly looking forward to meet the Sangh’s children and to share their joy with them. The students prepared rakhies in their activity class under the guidance of Ms Krina Chauhan. They were so happy to offer their hand made rakhies to the special children. They also distributed 5 star chocolates and pencils. In fact, even last year these students had celebrated Rakhi with the Sangh’s children. I am absolutely positive that such an exercise will inculcate in our students the virtues of good attitudes, mainly, commitment and empathy towards fellow human beings. One can view in the pictures below, our students imbibing ‘Caring’ attribute of the IB Learner Profile and taking a small step for developing good ‘habits of mind’.

Rakhies prepared by PYP 3 students

PYP 3- Happy to go to Manav Seva Sangh for Rakhi celebrations

No age barrier in sharing happiness

Sangh's children saying their prayers

The joy of caring for others' happiness.