Sunday, September 18, 2011

International Coastal Clean up - a ripple effect of local action.

On Saturday, September 17, 2011, Ocean Conservancy, with help from Indian Coast Guard, Essar Ports and Reefwatch Marine Conservation hosted the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) to commemorate its twenty-fifth anniversary. Many countries participate in the ICC. It is the world's largest volunteer effort to cleanup the oceans and major waterways of the planet Earth.

RBKIA students from IBDP 1, Grade 9 and PYP 5 came forward to take the challenge of Juhu beach clean up. There were children from 46 schools of Mumbai to lend a helping hand to marine conservation. The Indian Coast Guard had invited an environmentalist Mr. Atul Sathe from Bombay Natural History Society, to enlighten the students about the trash going into the seas and oceans – impacting the health of humans, marine life, wildlife, and economies all over the world. He underscored the importance of making the seas and oceans trash free.

The entire cleaning-up activity lasted for two and a half hours. The students were provided with t-shirts, gloves, caps and litterbags. The students scooped out debris - plastic beverage bottles, plastic bags, food wrappers, coins, bottle caps cigarette butts and cigarette filters. At some spots remnants of Ganapati statues were dug out from the sand. They collected the detritus in the bags and kept them at one place. Later the Indian Coast Guard truck carried all the bags for proper disposal. The students prepared a checklist of the items that they found at the beach and submitted to the coast guard officials. 

Indian Coast Guard provided refreshments and water bottles to all the participants.

Trash does not fall from the sky, it falls from human hands. And human hands have the power to stop it.  Let us all make a joint effort to bring a sea change. It can truly make a difference!

RBKites with Mr James Paul-the Head of the school, Mr Tenzin and Mr Santosh

The MYP and PYP kids - all set for beach clean up

 PYP 5 with Mr Paul and Ms Dimple Rana

The IBDP 1 students - enjoying the experience

Mr Atul Sathe-emphasizing the need of the clean up 

Crows -the scavengers

scooping out the debris

The remnant of Ganapati statue

Coin - part of the debris

PYP 5 collected the detritus in the bags

Well done! It is really going to make a difference


  1. Whoa! I must have missed out on a lot! Good job, guys! and especially, to Magoo! lol.. :)

  2. It was a joy to see so many young hands working together to keep the city clean. One more reason to work together for a good cause. Congratulations to all the organizers, teachers and staff for making the Beach cleanup drive happen.