Tuesday, September 27, 2011

RBKIA- PYP-4 students celebrate World Car-free Day

On 22 September, our PYP-4 students celebrated World Car-Free Day (WCD). They made flyers to explain the importance of WCD to the parents who came to pick up their Pre-primary children after the school got over. They urged parents not to ply their cars on roads for one day. To put in plain words, the use of vehicles is adding to global warming and wiping out whatever is left of an already polluted environment.
The students communicated to the parents that World Car-Free Day is to spread the message and awareness on the necessity to decrease the emission of greenhouse gases in the environment and thus protecting it by reducing carbon footprints.  They emphasized on improvement of modes of mass transit - buses and trains. Accordingly, people must be encouraged to use eco-friendly modes of transport such as cycling and walking.  It is high time for the people of the world to develop communities where jobs are closer to home and where shopping especially for day to day requirements, is within a walking distance.
Our children were very enthusiastic. One could easily see how passionately they feel for the cause - to reduce the usage of cars and use green transport.
Here are some reflections of the PYP-4 students:
Vishesh Sharma:
We the students of Grade 4 distributed the fact sheets to the parents of the Pre-Primary children and explained them that they should do carpooling. We requested them not to use their cars. Instead they can go by bus or train, can go bicycling or can simply walk or use any transport that does not pollute the environment. We made a power point presentation on World Car-Free Day in our ICT class. Please do not pollute the environment. Thank you.
Simran Mittal:
We celebrated the World Car-Free Day on 22nd September. Our home-room teacher gave us fact sheets on the importance of Car-Free day. We gave these fact sheets to the parents and explained them what a Car-Free day is. It was an interesting activity to communicate some important facts to them about this day.  It was fun interacting with the parents. We did an activity in ICT class and learnt that use of cars causes 30% - 40 % of pollution and thus affects global warming.
Pooja Javeri:
We made fact sheets on Car-Free Day. We distributed these sheets to the parents of Nursery, K1 and K2 children who came to pick them up. Some parents responded and assured us that they will reduce the use of car. In my power point presentation, I wrote a message for everyone: Please start carpooling to reduce the use of cars and stop polluting.
Sadhika Vedurumudi:
No Car Day! We did an activity for International Car-Free Day. We gave fact sheets to the parents and explained what it means. We told them not to use cars on this special day so that we can reduce air pollution. It was a very interesting activity and we had lots of fun.
Priesha Sheth:
We had lots of fun while doing the activity for “No Car Day”. We made charts and fact sheets. When the parents of Pre-primary children came, we gave them information about this day and requested them not to use cars for one day.
I hope that they will follow what we informed them. Later when I went home, I told my parents about “No Car Day”. They also did not use car.

PYP-4 prepared the flyers with the help of their home room teacher
Students distributing pamphlets to parents

Student explaining the importance of WCD

The parents appreciated their effort tospread the awareness about WCD

Parents responding to the students' plea
 The students did their bit for the environment.

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