Saturday, October 22, 2011

Heal the world's smile with food -Fund raising for Operation smile

Food is liked and enjoyed by all. When we talk about children, mothers are very particular about the children's diet. They should get a balanced diet i.e. all nutrients must be present for their physical and mental growth. According to them the food must be healthy enough to keep them fit, not to forget about the regular exercise.

But what about the children? What kind of food do they love? To the best of my knowledge, the answer is 'Snack food'. You name it and they love it.  A snack is a portion of food oftentimes smaller than that of a regular meal, that is generally eaten between meals. Snacks come in a variety of forms including packaged and processed foods and items made from fresh ingredients at home.

The 'Master Chef' of our school cafeteria is Shanker Maharaj. He works under the guidance of Ms Jamrudh Patel, the school dietician. So everyday the students get to eat the food that has lot of nutrition values but it hardly has the taste of 'their snack food'. 

So think about it - if the students have to decide the menu of snack food, they would select the food of their choice-obviously! So in order to have the double benefit of selling food items in the school cafeteria for the entire school, on 15 September, the students of Grade 6, 7 and 8 organized a food fiesta in school canteen. This exercise was to raise funds for the NGO- Operation Smile

This is what Samar and Sakshi of grade six had to say about organizing the food fest:

“An exciting and a tiring day, a new experience for us, a little different from PYP! We had a variety of food on offer -nachos, cakes, coke float, sev puri, pasta etc.
A challenging but fun task, selling food to the whole school! What gives us great pleasure is that the profit we earned is going for charity!!!!”

As expected, the students got an amazing response. They earned almost Rs 14,000/-. They could think of helping Operation Smile to heal children's smiles and transform lives across the globe. Every gift can help change a life. The children with lip cleft can now smile with confidence.

The menu chart

Grade 6 students getting ready for food sale

Grade 8 arranging the food stall!

OK we are open!

Come one ! Come all!

It is fun to sell food especially for a wonderful cause!

Making sure that everything is properly displayed!

Yummy food!

Apple juice is healthy!

Great response!

Felix Sir is very particular about his food!

Oh! who ate my snacks!

Mr. Robinhood taking a look at the food items

Hello! What would you like to eat!

The dough-nuts and the pizza are very delicious!

RBKIA's Goldilocks and Mr. Tenzin supporting the Operation Smile.

Robinhood of RBKIA finally selected his favourite snacks!

Well done MYP students!

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