Friday, January 13, 2012

Adventure Sport

Adventure Sport is a popular term for certain activities having a high level of inherent risk. The IBDP 1 student went to Della Adventures, Lonavala on 14 November 2011. They were the Risk-takers and enjoyed awe-inspiring adventure activities such as zorbing, motorcross ATV dirt biking and paintball to test their precision and quick decision making skills.

"On reaching Della Adventures, Lonavala, we decided to divide ourselves into two teams and play paintball. We also took ATV Dirt Bike ride. These games encourage team work and risk-taking skills. Life is full of risks. They are experiences that take us one hundred and eighty degrees from our comfort zone. One has to learn to take the risks bravely and intelligently. Risk taking is accepting a challenge judiciously. It is an acquired skill and as we begin to take small risks, we are assured of our success to a great extent. Over and above to that, it helps us to become more poised, confident and self-reliant. Our mind is trained to think coherently in backbreaking times"
This trip was very enjoyable and we also learnt to imbibe the IB Learner profile in ourselves such as risk-takers, principled as well as caring. It has changed my attitude to outdoor activities! -  - says Sunny.

Rounak says:
"I hope that from getting involved, I will gain different experiences that can enrich my learning of the outside world. I can reflect on my learning of new techniques and experiential learning by participating in activities like zorbing, ATV bike riding and other such adrenaline rush activities. I hoped to overcome my fear of running in the open and a high risk of getting shot in paintball. In the end I can say that we were very successful in achieving our goals and in co-operating with each other. I realized that to win any game or to tackle any situation in life, time management skills are very important. That is why, our team could not win the game, the opponent team got the victory. This indicates that I have to work on my  time management skills."

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