Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Come! Grab the Wealth of Health...

School-based health programs promote awareness of healthy lifestyle in community. On 28 February 2012, the RBKIA MYP and IBDP students celebrated Science Day in a very unique way. They organized a health camp for the school community - parents, students, teachers, the school bus staff, housekeeping, security staff and their family members. A brilliant idea to serve community!
The MYP students made exhibits and posters on dental care, eye care, heart care and ENT care. They explained the exhibits to the school community members in layman's language. They were good communicators.
The IBDP students collaborated with Nair Hospital Dental College for dental checkups and Bombay City Eye Hospital-Vision Foundation of India for eye checkups. They decided to calculate the Body Mass Index themselves so that they could encourage a lifelong healthy existence.

Soham Thakur and Jugal Patel views about the health fair were as follows:

We, the students of IB Diploma conducted a free medical checkup for all teachers, students, parents and staff. The turnout was very inspiring as 200 people arrived. There was dental checkup, eye checkup and BMI checkups. The dental checkup was done by dentists from Nair Hospital and the eye checkup was done by doctors from the Bombay Eye Institute.  In the dental checkup, the dentist checked for dental problems and told us how to treat them. In the eye checkup, the doctors were very professional in their treatment, according to them, very few had bad vision. We helped the doctors in their treatment. BMI was checked by us, the students of DP-1 with Vinay, Sunny, Jigar and Aseem playing a major role. We got a lot of positive feedback and experience. It was good to help people and we hope to do this activity again. 

Parina Mehta, Keshav Shetty, Anish Mitra and Jayita Vazirani of Grade IX reflected upon their participation in the health camp:
We prepared exhibits and posters on human heart and its functions. The activity was a great learning experience. We explained the ways to keep the heart healthy for a healthy standard of living to the school community members. We were good communicators as we spoke to the security guards, bus staff, and housekeeping in Marathi. Most of us believe that the helpers now are aware of the functioning of heart, how to maintain its good health and whom to contact if there is any heart disorder. We, Grade IX students thoroughly enjoyed the service activity for our immediate community. Thus, the purpose of the activity – to spread awareness about heart and its disorders was successfully achieved.

Roshani Chadha, Stuti Thaleshwar, Sara Shaikh and Aryan D’silva of Grade 8 gave presentation on Ear, Nose and Throat. We explained the importance of taking care of throat and the sense organs – ear and nose to the visitors. We made brochures and charts on ENT care. We hope that our school helpers –bus drivers, security and housekeeping staff will be benefitted and live a healthy life. In addition to this, they will also educate others and hence will help us in spreading awareness about taking care of ear, nose and throat. We enjoyed the activity as we were able to communicate our message.

Pooja Aryamane and Neerja Chemburkar of Grade 7 passed a message of healthy eating habits to the entire school community through their presentations in the school auditorium on the fourth floor:
We highlighted the dangers and diseases one can get by eating junk or unhealthy food. We communicated the purpose of this activity to the class IV employees of our school in a very lucid manner. We enjoyed the entire session. We also went for dental, vision and BMI check ups which were organised by IBDP 1 students on the fourth floor. We are looking forward to work collaboratively in such projects.

Aryan Pandit, Simran Raikar, Saksh and Jash Shah of Grade 6 wrote their reflections on Health Camp as follow:
The purpose of this activity was to spread awareness about dental care to the school community. We made charts and brochures and explained them to our parents, teachers, school bus staff, security staff and the housekeeping staff. The objective of the health drive was achieved as we could successfully spread awareness to people about dental care. We also explained the ways to keep the teeth health and whom to contact in case of any dental ailment. It was a great learning experience for all of us. 

Body Mass Index Calculations

MYP Presentations