Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Xpressions - Touching Lives

On 25 February 2012, for my personal project, I organized a music concert as a fundraiser for Operation smile, an organization that facilitates surgeries for poor people with clefts. I named it “Xpressions” and at the end learnt some very valuable lessons.
I learnt that composing a song is very hard. Other than that I learnt a lot about composing and writing songs- from finding suitable chords to a melody to finding a suitable beat for a song to writing in a poetic manner, I have learnt so much.
I also learnt that organizing an event is harder. Also, I realized that composing a song is much easier than selling tickets! I learnt that people outside my school don’t welcome me with a smile and agree to buy two tickets without any hesitation, like my teachers do. Sometimes they say a straight no to your face and you have to accept it and move on.
I realized that I am not a good sales person. I might be a little good at advertising, but sales is just not my forte. I learnt that it is very hard to find celebrities and even harder to convince them to come to a fundraiser as a chief guest. Some of them are really nice though- I met Ehsaan and Loy two very famous music composers and found out that they were really nice people.
I learnt that community and service is not just about charity functions and fundraisers, but about being a responsible citizen and helping the community- in whichever way.
I also used a lot of skills to complete my project like time management, planning, organizing, collaboration, marketing etc. I have improved my selling skills. I learnt the skill of controlling air flow when singing.
My singing has improved- I sing louder and with more confidence on stage. I am not nervous on stage anymore. I am calm and cool- at least on stage. I practiced a lot- sometimes with my friend Samantha- whose personal project topic is vocal training to get rid of stage fright.
One thing which I couldn’t improve about myself was decreasing the amount stress that I have before something big- like a concert or examination or something like that. I was stressed out and I was coughing- something that happens to me when am stressed out. 
I am very happy with my result. I made rupees one lakh 29 thousand which is not bad and sold a total of 239 tickets.  Other than that, people were very happy with my concert and most of them enjoyed it.
If I were to do this project again in the future I would manage my time better than I did this time. I would start selling tickets much before the concert. I would advertise better- talk to people about it more; tell them why it’s so important. I would make sure that I sell all my tickets for the set price and reach my target.

Apeksha Trivady
Welcome address by Apeksha Trivady

Ms. Rekha Bharadwaj - the Chief Guest of the evening

Kudos and applauds for the RBKIA performers

A dance performance by Kabir Arora

'Sau Saal Pahle Mujhe Tum Se Pyaar Tha' - by Dr. Vishwas Parlilar and Ms. Bhanumati Sharma.

Ashish Kanakia singing ENRIQUE IGLESIAS's 'Somebody's me' 

IBDP1 band presenting 'Knights of Cydonia' - by Muse

And a big round of applause!

A medley of two songs: SMILE even though your heart is breaking' and 'What a wonderful world' - by Mr. James Paul

Ms. Rekha Bharadwaj - 'Sasuraal Genda phool'
Mr. Sanjay playing drums for Ms. Rekha Bharadwaj

Ms. Rekha Bharadwaj - 'Darling ankho se akhein char kanre do'

'Darling roko na, Mujhe pyaar karne do'

A very big 'Thank You' to all for supporting the event - by Ms. Edulbehram, Management Representative of RBKIA


  1. Great job done dear. Your contributions for the good cause will definitely change the life of children born with cleft lips and palates.
    Good luck in all walks of your life.

    Bhanumathi Sharma
    Homeroom teacher
    Grade 3, RBK International Academy, Chembur

    1. Thank you Bhanu. Yes I fully agree with your views about Apeksha's effort to help Operation Smile for the noble cause.